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My name is Kaitlin Schuck and Evolve Athletics is a dream that developed out of my lifelong passion for fitness. I grew up a multiple sport athlete, trying everything I could just for the sake of being active and loving to put my body in motion. Once the glory days were over and the graduation caps had been thrown in the air, I found myself struggling to find a way of training that gave me the same gratification I found in working out on a structured team towards the ever present goal of success. I dabbled in about every fitness avenue available to me; training for fitness competitions, Crossfit, TRX, Yoga, Pilates…all of which I thoroughly enjoy, but I found that each was lacking in one way or another. The bodybuilding was missing an element of functionality, Crossfit needed a little more mobility and a lot less ego, yoga and pilates were missing the cardiovascular intensity that I craved…I ended up with multiple gym memberships and a very scattered weekly structure, jumping from class to class, gym to gym…I thought to myself how great it would be to be part of a place that integrated all these things into a master program, thus the idea for Evolve Athletics was born. Evolve Athletics brings together functional body weight movements, locomotion training, yoga and heavy barbells to build a complete program for optimizing mobilization, athleticism, body composition and mental strength…while doing so in a group setting to promote community, accountability and fun! We offer two different types of classes at Evolve, each one tailored to compliment the other.


Evolve Athletics brings together functional body weight movements, locomotion training, mobility, yoga and heavy barbells to build a complete program for optimizing mobilization, athleticism, body composition and mental strength…


BARBELL FLEX This class is structured to help you improve strength of body and mind, 15 minuets of athletic and mobility based yoga will open each hour, specifically geared towards warming you up for whatever big lift class will be focused around that day. Our barbell & yoga class coaches specialize in Olympic Lifting and various degrees of yoga practices so you can be sure youʼll be getting a very cohesive and progressive class. The lifts performed in the Barbell & Yoga classes will be based around building a strong and powerful body, you will study and perform things like; the clean and jerk, snatch, back squat, front squat, deadlift etc in the safest and most efficient way possible. You will learn proper body mechanics as well as how to maximize your strength while keeping your joints and muscles in great condition.


METABOLIC POWER In our Metabolic Power class, you will supplement your efforts for strength in our Barbell & Yoga class with high intensity interval training, utilizing a TRX suspension system, Kettlebells, dumbbells and your own body weight to perform functional movements that will promote longevity of athleticism as well as a lean body. Short bursts of maximal effort output followed by structured rest periods have been shown time and again to be the absolute best method for fat loss and building metabolic capacity, by adding in body weight strength movements like push ups and pull-ups, explosive movements like Kettlebell swings and box jumps, as well as locomotion training like bear crawls and duck walks we create a comprehensive program that gives you the fat loss benefits of interval training as well as teaching you to move properly while getting in a total body work out.

SPECIALTY CLASSES (starting May 5th, 2015!)
($50 for Evolve Athletics members, $100 monthly for non-members)

The BrOLY class at Evolve Athletics is designed for anyone looking to improve their Olympic lifts, while still walking out of the gym with a good old fashioned pump. Each class will be focused around the elements of the Snatch or the Clean, and will also include traditional bodybuilding exercises and rep schemes that will aid in your strength under the bar as well as your physique.

Our AhStronga class is for male and female yogis alike who are looking to build the specific type of strength and muscle endurance that will benefit their yoga practice. Each class will include a fundamental yet challenging flow with the addition of Kettlebells and Dumbbell exercises to increase resistance and intensity.

The Op.H class at Evolve Athletics is programmed to add size, strength and power to the posterior chain, specifically targeting the glutes. This class is perfect for anyone (male or female) looking to build a powerful yet aesthetically pleasing backside, while maintaining functionality and increasing their capacity in lower body push/pull exercises. (It’s cool if you show up just wanting a nice ass too, no judgment.)