If there’s one thing I know to be true, with out a shadow of a doubt, it’s the ability we have to control our lives and all situations with the power of visualization. Unfortunately though, controlling our thoughts can sometimes feel like herding cats. Seems like quite the phenomenon, something we supposedly should have total control over is one of the toughest things to control…it takes practice, mental toughness and patience, a LOT of patience.


Truly though, thoughts become things. Not in a magical-wizard-abracadabra type way, but whatever direction you choose to navigate your feelings towards something, your actions will follow. You are creating a reality in your mind and following through according to this creative ‘truth’… For example, say you want to apply for your dream job, but in your head you’re thinking there’s probably 15 other candidates that are more qualified or experienced, deserving etc…when you walk into that interview your insecurities will be inherently obvious to this potential employer, likely in the way you speak or your inability to control your nervousness, no ones going to hire someone who seems personally unsure that they can proficiently fill the position at hand, even if you’re OVER qualified for the job, no one out-shined you, your less than stellar thoughts are what sank your ship. Another example could be say a woman (or man, dudes are crazy too) who constantly & irrationally accuses her/his partner of cheating or lying due to an underlying fear of losing the relationship they deeply care about, inevitably there’s going to be a break-up, likely initiated by the accused after getting sick of being made to feel dishonest. No actual cheating was involved, but the relationship does end none the less. You attract what you give energy and power to, it might not happen as you pictured, but it happens.


Consistently remaining in a positive, self affirming frame of mind is hard, and in some ways unrealistic because, well…shit happens. Shit happens every day that will challenge our abilities to take the moral high road, not beat ourselves (or others) up, or just grin and bare it…but you know what? That’s never going to change, and every single moment of every day for the rest of your life is a choice. Regret is a choice, anger is a choice, resentment is definitely a choice, but so is happiness, and hope, and gratitude…and we can choose these feelings over the detrimental negative ones any time we want. As a natural pessimist, I’ve used a technique of replacing every negative reaction or thought I have with two positive affirming ones, it’s taken a seemingly short amount of time, but the optimistic side of me has almost leveled or matched the annoying pessimistic side, and I am WAY happier. Just because you want to be a ‘realist’ doesn’t mean you can’t realistically always hope for the damn best. 


Visualization is a powerful thing, visualizing making a big lift, a team win, nailing a job interview, a fun interaction with a friend or date…to have a positive experience, we have to visualize the outcome as such. It feels a hell of a lot better to emanate faith and confidence in yourself or another person than it does to constantly live with the idea that you’re going to be let down or fail. In my opinion we could make a hugely positive change in society if we put a little more faith in humanities ability to do good and spent a lot less time complaining about it on Facebook, but thats another post entirely…


What I’m really saying is see what you want how you want it, see it clearly and unwaveringly like it’s already real, and you will manifest goodness. Your outlook on your life, your relationships and yourself at the end of the day will decide the future of all three, and the coolest part is that you get to CHOOSE. So choose wisely and the universe will hear & reward you. (I tried to get through this post with out any far out hippy talk, seriously I did.) All love.



  1. June 10, 2015

    I absolutely love this.. and it is so true! Even though I know all of this to be true it is so good to be reminded because it is very easy to give in to the negative thoughts or self doubt. How we talk to ourselves is as important as how we talk to others, if not more important!

    And by the way, I personally love the “far out, hippy talk!

  2. July 22, 2015

    Those are true and well spoken words Kait. Passion and determination going into something have so much to do with the outcome. And practicing that state makes it all the more easy in successive go-rounds. In fact its the way we get stronger and stronger just a little bit more each time before you know it your a champion. We only have to compete with ourselves. Just a little stronger just a little longer, and BAM! We become the thing we wanted most.

    Man, I wish I could come to Az and train with you guys. You’re philosophy and ethic is World Class!

    All love,

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