The concept of Evolve Athletics is movement. As simple as it may sound, we have become a society of bad movers, losing touch with proper human body mechanics yet still pushing ourselves in the gym, performing weighted reps that only further strengthen our ability to move improperly and lock us into our immobile ways….we set our minds to do X amount of reps of a given movement, and no matter what the cost, we’re gonna complete the set. I’m sure everyone is familiar with that feeling, but if you’ve exhausted your efforts after a consistently similar looking 8 reps, why try to squeeze out 2 more repetitions of the movement if the integrity is gone? Your first and last rep should look entirely the same, the last rep should just be slower. Once the integrity of the movement is lost, put the bar down. You’re done.

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Due to this engrained dogma of ‘it should hurt a little’ or ‘pain is weakness leaving the body’, we have officially become a culture of exercise masochists. I mean scroll any newbie Crossfitter or Powerlifter’s social media page and you’re bound to come across some photo glorifying bloody ripped callouses or a work out that led to a trip to the puke bucket. I’m sorry, but since when do we need to bleed and puke to be considered fit? Competitive and paid athletes are a different story, and thank god for Crossfit for popularizing functional fitness, but for those of us who are just trying to get in the best shape of our lives and maintain it indefinitely, it seems a little counterintuitive to beat the absolute sh*t out of ourselves in an effort to built strong, capable, ready for war bodies. What we need is to learn how to move efficiently, safely and in ways that will allow us to never turn down the opportunity for a game of sport, an 8 mile hike, moving random heavy objects, or even a try out for America’s Next Ninja Warrior. Well rounded athleticism is pretty rare in a world where every fitness modality has their own cult following, which is why at Evolve Athletics we have combined what we deem as the most beneficial fitness ideals into one cohesive program. Barbell work is combined with a mobility and flexibility promoting yoga flow, and we’ve ingrained coordination, locomotion and agility drills in with our functional fitness based Metabolic Power class. The work and time you invest in these two classes should be the perfect prescription for becoming a super human version of yourself, coming to both class types will fill the gaps in your training, and you will love the way your body starts to look and feel. The rest is in your nutrition but, thats’s another post…

Stop by Evolve to chat more about the concept, what you can expect and goal setting. We are a gym full of ever evolving movers, teachers, learners and experiencers. Hoping to improve the world of fitness, one handstand at a time.

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