I’ve got my 50/50 white zin & kombucha mix beside me and I’m ready to probably piss a lot of people off. But that’s ok because I’m a truth seeker and in turn a truth teller and sometimes the truth sucks for people who can’t be honest with themselves.

Here’s the deal, since I was 21 pretty much the only thing that has held my attention for longer than 6 months (boyfriends included) has been training methodologies and learning different nutrition protocols. I can honestly say I live for this shit. I’ve used it to personally get bikini competition lean, helped performance athletes increase energy, improve physique and resolve digestion issues, worked with children and adults who were battling eating disorders and food allergies, worked with the typical sedentary weight loss clients and I’ve also implemented my knowledge in a life or death situation dealing with a family member being diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer out of nowhere when drastic measures had to be taken. I haven’t been in the game as long as a lot of other super talented and knowledgeable people whom I hold in very high regard, but I have been in the game long enough to have some major experience under my belt. Yes, my passion for nutrition in particular came from my own health transformation when I decided I was done being a lowly asshole drunk and needed to get my life in order, but I took the necessary steps and courses to gain the knowledge I needed to APPLY it to the scenarios I have been faced with as a Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach.

Lately I have been seeing a TON of dogmatic ‘my way or the highway’ self proclaimed fitness experts popping up online, touting things like ‘carbs = fat gain’ or ‘high protein diets = fat loss’ or that you need to eat 6 square meals a day to keep your metabolism running and if you don’t you’ll die, maybe even that Ketogenic diets are the way to add kilos to your squat, I don’t know…there are some pretty outlandish claims being made out there, but the thing is, any well educated fitness professional worth their salt knows that THERE IS NO ONE RIGHT ANSWER. There is no end all/be all nutrition solution for every human on this planet. The bullshit trainers who give you a cookie cutter print out of how to structure and time your meals through out the day are seriously disgracing the fitness industry as a whole, and ruining it for the rest of us who actually care and want to give people long term results in a healthy way.

I remember last year a well known Crossfit gym in Scottsdale had a team going to The Southwest Regionals and their coach had all the female athletes (who’s weight ranged from 175lbs to 125lbs) on a 1200 calorie a day low carb diet to try and ‘lean them out’ for any gymnastic work that may come up in the Regional work outs. WHAT.THE.FUCK. This is someone who was a trusted coach and friend, so of course these women did as he asked but, thats the trouble. You see people with abs or with successful athletes under their coaching and automatically assume they have the answers. And MOST of these ‘coaches’ will take that trust and run with it because they are too egotistical to humbly say, ‘hey, this is not my specialty’ and send them to someone who knows their shit. Just because it worked once, doesn’t mean its foolproof.

Like I mentioned above, any good fitness professional with an idea about nutrition knows that each client needs to be treated differently. Because they are all different, hello. For example, my diet is basically high carb/low protein Vegan, I haven’t always been Vegan, I’ve had results with Paleo, Intermittent Fasting and many other avenues of experimentation, but I have been Vegan for about the past 3 years and I am thriving eating all the plants (and Redvines) that I desire. Now I know for an absolute fact that most clients I am going to work with are not Vegan, and have no desire to be, if I pigeon holed myself into believing that no one could reach their performance or physique goals unless they went Vegan because thats what I’ve experienced results from, what kind of MASSIVE failure would I set myself up for? The same goes for you low-carb/no-carb/paleo/herbalife/IIFYM/frutarians, ALL of those methodologies work, but they don’t work for everyone. Environment, occupation, family, stress levels, work out regime, activity, health markers, family and dietary preference are all factors that need to be taken into account before you decide how to proceed with a client.

What I’m saying is; don’t be a sucker. If you approach a fitness professional for dietary advice and they don’t interview you with an extensive list of questions like you are applying for a job at homeland security, run. Run all the way over to Evolve-Athletics.com and call me, I will come to your aid with a blanket and a heating pad and read you Goodnight Moon until we find a way to get you closer to your goals. (Ok shameless plug but this is my blog so bite me.) In all sincerity though, I just want to try and keep this industry thriving and feed business to people who I believe in and know will spread the TRUE message of success and health through dietary adjustments and proper methodologies, so if I genuinely can’t help you, I will send you to someone who can. I don’t have all the answers, no one does. But if you’re going to attempt to find some for yourself, be particular, do your research, and don’t get taken advantage of by Joe Trainer who just needs you to make a truck payment for the month. You and your health are worth way more than that.

  1. July 22, 2015

    I like this blog post a lot too. My one comment is that i am fascinated at both a pregnant woman and a child’s unconscious desire to eat a certain food. Honestly I have two twin boys – age 10 – who are big soccer players. And a daughter into horses, all of whom can get very hungry – in their own way. So if I just put out healthy items of protein, green, red, carb, liquid and water, they eat what they want and feel they need. Just like the pregnant woman who has a craving, these kids seem to know what their body needs. They never over eat and sometimes its just the protein sometimes they turn a table on me and eat dessert for a meal. That only happened once or twice, but the idea is that I don’t fight their craving. I let them go with it.

    I try and stay in touch with those feelings for myself too. If I crave something I give myself the healthy version. Most of the time. I’m hypoglycaemic and a fast metabolism. So when I need to eat – don’t get in my way. My favourite go to energy drink is a half bunch of black kale, 1/4 frozen pineapple and some coconut / pineapple juice with a frozen banana in the vitamix. I’ve learned to crave that because my body responds so well on it. Kait is right that there is no one stop shop for each of us. Experiment and find your best source of nutrition. Kait’s Grandfather used to say “keep it simple.” That’s the one rule of thumb I try to apply to my choice each time.

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