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The first thing you see when you walk into the door at Evolve Athletics is our motto blasted onto the wall:

“I will become an athlete of my own making, undefined by the rules or titles of any sport. I will work hard to be the best possible version of myself, both physically and mentally, because anything less than that is a life unlived…”

So how do we define something that we are intentionally trying NOT to define? Do you want to be looked at, assessed and automatically placed into a box? i.e. Crossfitter, bodybuilder, yogi, gymnast, runner, cyclist…etc. Or do you want people to see you and say, ‘wow, now THAT’S an athlete’. Being ‘undefined by the rules or titles of any sport’ means being capable, it means being well rounded, able to lift heavy sh*t, efficiently move your body through space, touch your toes, hike a mountain, balance on your hands, and have the endurance to do these things with longevity. The problem with mainstream fitness programs is that they are typically geared towards only ONE of those modalities, and we as a culture tend to find what we like and get comfortable. Yogi’s go to yoga, bodybuilders lift weights, runners run, hikers hike…yet pigeon holing ourselves into one area of training is diminishing our potential and lowering our capacity to become better.

Maybe you’re a yogi who wants to do handstands in your practice but you don’t do anything outside of yoga to increase upper body strength and density, or perhaps an Olympic lifter/’functional’ fitness athlete who can clean and jerk 2x their body weight but can’t forward fold with their hands flat on the floor in front of them…both of these examples have blatant missing pieces in their training programs keeping them from becoming better, I recognized this in my own training about a year ago after a back injury that took me away from barbells for 3 months. Pre-injury I was squatting 1.5x my bodyweight, cleaning 165lbs and snatching about 30lbs less, I was the strongest I’ve ever been yet could I support my bodyweight in a handstand? No. Could I perform one strict pull-up? Nope. Could I run a mile? You’ve GOT to be kidding. With out the ability to use a barbell I felt totally lost, it was what I knew and what I was good at, I felt athletic under the weight and now that I couldn’t use it anymore I had no way to efficiently train that didn’t frustrate the hell out of me because of my inability to perform as well as I wanted to…looking back now it was that best thing that ever happened to me, I was always flexible and loved yoga, but after the injury I really committed to it, I practiced in a class or on my own almost every day, I went hiking, I used my bodyweight to perform movements on a TRX and hanging from a pull up bar, and discovered a whole new way to train. Surprisingly, I now feel more athletic than I ever have before.

My injury was a result of pigeon holing myself into the dimensions of one fitness modality and over training the same movements, it’s a pretty typical scenario. Like I mentioned, we find what we like and we stick to it. But even if you want to specialize in something, you have to supplement it if you want to become your absolute best. At Evolve Athletics our main focus is proper movement with functionality to keep you performing and feeling your best indefinitely. We want you to be able to have the aesthetic body you want and still be capable of quite literally, anything. Like Jason Ferruggia once said, you don’t want to be that guy on the beach with the well built physique that can’t manage to move well enough for a game of flag football…and you don’t want to be that woman who can put her legs behind her head but not carry her groceries from her car either. It’s time we found a way to prioritize our bodies that pays us back ten fold through out our lives, at Evolve Athletics we know that we have found that answer….

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